India Mozambique Pulses Agreement

India-Mozambique Pulses Agreement: Boosting Agricultural Ties and Improving Food Security

In recent years, India and Mozambique have been strengthening their partnership in agriculture, with a particular focus on pulses. This has culminated in a bilateral agreement signed in March 2021 between the two countries, which aims to enhance cooperation in the production, processing, trade, and marketing of pulses.

The agreement is significant as both India and Mozambique are major producers and consumers of pulses, which are a crucial source of protein and other essential nutrients, especially for vegetarians. However, both countries face challenges in meeting domestic demand due to factors such as climate change, pests and diseases, and weak infrastructure.

Under the agreement, India will provide technical expertise and assistance to Mozambique in various areas of pulse production, such as seed selection, irrigation management, and post-harvest handling. In return, Mozambique will offer India access to its vast cultivable land and strategic location in southern Africa, which can serve as a gateway to other African markets.

Moreover, the agreement seeks to promote private sector participation in the pulse value chain, including investments in processing and value addition. This is expected to increase the income and employment opportunities for farmers and other stakeholders, while also enhancing food security.

The Mozambique-India Pulses Partnership (MIPP) is a joint initiative launched in 2016 by the governments of Mozambique and India, with the support of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The MIPP aims to increase the production and productivity of pulses in Mozambique, as well as link Mozambican farmers with the Indian market.

Overall, the India-Mozambique Pulses Agreement is a positive development for both countries and demonstrates the potential of South-South cooperation in agriculture. It also aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to ending hunger, promoting sustainable agriculture, and fostering partnerships for development.

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